Woodwind Trio

Aura Pon, oboe

Natalia Peric,

Jonathan Gresl, bassoon

The Peaks + Prairies Woodwind Trio (also known as the Wildwood Trio) featuring Aura Pon - oboe, Natalia Peric - clarinet, and Jonathan Gresl - bassoon was formed to perform the somewhat hidden repertoire of chamber music for woodwind instruments.

The instruments in the woodwind family —flutes, clarinets, oboes and bassoons, all used to be made of wood, which gives them their name. While they can be made of plastic and other materials, most fine oboes and clarinets today are made from African Grenadilla wood, with a distinctive black colour. Bassoons are often made from maple. Instrument makers choose materials based on the tone colours that can be produced with different varieties.

While the trio formed in 2020, all three players are veterans of the Calgary classical music scene, having performed on stage with the Calgary Philharmonic, Calgary Opera, Rocky Mountain Symphony, Red Deer Symphony and at many venues across southern Alberta.