Who We Are

Peaks + Prairies Productions (PPP) is a Calgary, Alberta-based artist collective standing at the forefront of post-pandemic arts recovery for Western Canada. Audiences and performers alike have sorely missed the power and connection unique to live performance during this difficult past year, and PPP is rising to the challenge to bring it back.

As a multifaceted and versatile group of artists, PPP has spearheaded several projects to bring artists and audiences together again and support the mental health of Albertans. We present our most dynamic offering, the Peaks + Prairies Ensemble (formerly known as the Rocky Mountain Chamber Ensemble, 2017-2020), a local touring ensemble featuring a large and varying roster of local musicians (strings, winds, brass, piano, vocals). Additionally, the Peaks + Prairies Quartet (formerly known as the Volante String Quartet, 2009-2017) as well as the Peaks + Prairies Woodwind Trio both provide live music services to weddings, corporate events, galas, concerts, and celebrations.

Intimate SoundEscapes is a novel opportunity to bring the concert hall to your home, with intimate and casual performances in person in your living room or backyard, or online. In any of our many embodiments, PPP is capable and equipped to present diverse classical and popular live music programmes both indoors or outdoors.

Our crystal ball foresees many concerts, pop-up park performances, and a summer festival in our future, so explore our page and tune in to Peaks + Prairies updates here or on social media to hear about our upcoming performance adventures!


We'd also like to acknowledge the amazing PJ Zito of PJZ Designs for crafting our brand logos!


Lauch day: July 1, 2021 (Canada Day)